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Participated in the Jetro sake event, a Japanese sake tasting fair hosted at Vattanac Capital.

A Japanese tasting fair was recently held in Cambodia, bringing high-quality produce to the country amid rising incomes. As one of the Sake providers, this is such a good opportunity to participate in this event among the 100 distinctive guests. The event was organized by the Embassy of Japan in Cambodia and featured over 20 different types of sake from various regions of Japan.

Besides the aimed of this Japanese fair to promote the culture and cuisine, we got to have the new experience by tasting and learning about sake, which is becoming increasingly popular in the country.

In these recent years, Cambodia has experienced significant economic growth with rising incomes leading to increased demand for highly products, Japanese sake, with its reputation for quality and craftsmanship, is seen as a premium product that appeals   to this growing market.


The event was well-received by attendees, who praised the quality and variety of the Sake on offer. Many expressed a desire to learn more about Japanese culture and cuisine., and to try   more Japanese products in the future.

Overall, the Japanese sake tasting fair was a success in promoting Japanese culture and cuisine in Cambodia, and in showcasing the high-quality produce available in Japan. As incomes continue to rise in Cambodia. It is likely that demand for premium products like sake will continue to grow.


at Vattanac Capital.

27/02/2023 4:00 pm


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