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We Uphold 12 Action Guidelines As Core Values That All Members Of S.E.A.T.S Inc. Recognize In Common. In Order To Produce Solid Output In An Environment Where Members Of Multiple Nationalities Cooperate, We Clarify Decisions And Behavioral Standards That Are Considered Appropriate. We Believe That Each Member Realizing These Action Guidelines With Higher Standards Will Be The Driving Force In Increasing The Corporation’s Productivity As A Whole.

1. Think of Purpose

When taking an action, you need to think of the meaning and the purpose of that. Without the consciousness of what are the purposes we have set before taking action, some people just end up doing something unclearly and would be thinking the action is the purpose.However, you can prevent that by always being aware of what the purpose or meaning is.This is a basic understanding of all activities not only for when you request someone to do something but also for when you are requested to do something as well. In order to achieve the goals at a high standard of quality in an organization in which all members are independently working, it requires them to clearly understand the purpose.

2. Cause and Effect

All results come with at least one cause. Thinking from all the results in the past, not only the good ones but also the bad ones, why it becomes like that, and figure out what the causes are, you could apply this knowledge to other opportunities to step up to success. We will not say that business will not rely on luck, but in our opinion, the achievement after encountering good luck is all the efforts of accumulating all possible causes correctly through our daily activities and continuing to improve.

3. Collect Information and Connect Information

When we started this business,something called “Value” did not exist at all. Creating this “Value” from the middle of nowhere, we started bycollecting information. Even in this age when almost all information could be found through the internet, the value of the information directly collected from the actual visit of clients would never diminish. Therefore, connecting all these kinds of information to create a “Value” for stakeholders is what we are aiming at.

4. Changes for the Better

If you wish to obtain a better result, you must always make a change by yourself. It is very easy to keep following the familiar routine or habit which you get used to, however this kind of comfort situation will lead to an unexpected outcome where people and society are left behind the time and forgotten. Because of this understanding, our basic stance is to take “Change” itself as a good thing, accept and put this in practise. Not only individuals, but also organizations, they are looking for a better “Change”.

5. Maximize Performance, Minimize Cos

Productivity is measured by dividing the outcome (output) by the input resource (input). According to this, to maximize productivity, inputting the appropriate amount of resources that can pull out the maximum outcome, is required. To us, we think that it is very important for individuals to objectively understand and manage how to allocate and input their resources (time, budget, and skill) to maximize their productivity.

6. Understand, Act, Agree

This is a principle of all activities in an organization or a team. First of all, you have to “Understand” the purpose of what you have been told to do as the next action after it is precisely and sufficiently considered by the one who assigned that. Then, you can “Act” towards the goal. Expressing the opinions regarding good/bad, right/wrong of the instruction, or how you will “Agree” or not, can be done after you take the action. Here, a trap that you easily fall into when you think you have enough experience, is a state of being a person who just talks about nothing but the theories without any actions. Those kinds of instructions conceal many intentions and meanings, and in almost all cases, these could be decoded and initially convinced when you just practice. After understanding, you can start taking the action immediately to test the hypothesis, and how quickly you can start working on the correct process will directly link to the result. We hopefully believe that this process will provide people self-development regardless of their ages since they could gain experience to know what they do not know.

7. Question, Advice, Information

A main component at the workplace of a company is internal communication. If you take a look closely, 90% of these communications can be divided into “Question”, “Advice” and “ Information”. Therefore, it’s always better to start our communication by stating the purpose of conversation at the beginning. This is our basic way of internal communication.This method provides speakers and listeners many advantages.For the speakers, you can certainly recognize the main point of the talk and you can prevent to lose the direction of the talk. for the listeners, you can adjust the volume of attention while listing according to the purpose. For example, the listing attitude must be different if you’re expected to answer something or just hear and input the information only. Moreover, it can reduce mishearing or re-asking. Re-asking must consume time. So improving the quality of every conversation contributes to reduce the cost of company, as well as improving the performance.

8. Imagine Before Action

Before taking an action, you need to imagine as much as possible of what is seemingly going to happen. You also need to pay more attention to predict the possibility of how our team or clients will feel and react to our words and actions. Even if we cannot accurately do that, we just can try first to roughly imagine that kind of situation. It will improve our imagination, and the quality of our actions will also increase once we can obtain the ability to precisely imagine. As a result, we can prevent some problems beforehand and inspire someone as we have imagined.

9. Telling, Writing, Repeating, and Checking

“Misunderstanding is unavoidable in most communication”, is our basic understanding. It is impossible that people can totally express themselves or understand one’s opinion or feeling by just using the words in any language. Communication is a tool that people use to do such things, so misunderstanding certainly occurs. Especially for people who have different cultural backgrounds and try to communicate in their non-native languages. Based on this premise, the expectation that people will just understand right away when we are just saying once is so foolish. However, by just repeating the process of “Telling”, “Writing”, “Repeating”, and “Checking”, the abstract things that we want to express ourselves or other people to understand, will become clearer and more concrete.

10. Today’s 20% is much Better than Tomorrow’s 80%

It is such a miracle that you can accomplish all the tasks you are asked to do in a correct way, by just trying to do the output at once. After being assigned, it is better to take a trial action, and primarily clarify when it is 20% completed. In most cases, enormous time loss caused by doing it over again just happens when you try to complete the task until 80% before confirming, and the understanding gap with the person who ordered you occurs. Here, we will understand clearly the expectation or purpose of the one who ordered us and confirm not only at the first time but on halfway also in order to be able to correct the pathway immediately if we step out of that. If we just spare no effort, everything will follow the expectation and it will lead to a desirable success which can be obtained in time.

11. Just Google It

When facing any problems, there are many far better ways other than just to worry and think that “this problem is ours”. Most of the problems we are facing have many answers or solutions which were found and left by great people or companies who faced similar problems. Hence, when the problem happens, seeking for the same case which has already happened and defining what we do not know is something that should be done at first. By doing that, we can realize and limit the things we have to do, and apply all our resources to that problem only. No need to take the time of other people with our unnecessary questions as well.

12. Bad Information first

Unexpected accidents or problems are inherent to business. As one company, taking action to deal immediately is greatly important when those happen. It is probably difficult to reveal that it happened because of your mistake or failure, but you must follow this guideline and put the highest priority on reporting that. Those kinds of things are completely not desirable occurrences, but we believe that a person who can take a quick and proper measure to solve when it happens is the one who should get a warm applause.


  • April : LOKA Food&Beverage Started The Food Distribution And Wholesale Business Based In Cambodia(Phnom Penh)
  • May : LOKA Food&Beverage Started The Import Of Shipping Containers From Japan(Osaka).
  • July : LOKA Food&Beverage Started The Import Of Frozen And Refrigerated Fishery Products From Vietnam(Ho Chi Minh)By Land Transportation.
  • October : LOKA Food&Beverage Started Consolidated Transportation Service With Our Container Flights.
  • November : LOKA Food&Beverage Started Sales And Delivery To Cambodia(Sihanoukville).
  • January : LOKA Food&Beverage Started The Cooperation With Thailand’s Local Partner And The Import Of Frozen And Refrigerated Fishery Products From Bangkok By Land Transportation.Started Recruiting University Student Interns.
  • February : Achieved More Than 50 Clients Within Cambodia
  • March : LOKA Food&Beverage Partnered Up With Tsubaki Foods(Thailand) And It Became Cambodia’s General Selling Agent.
  • June LOKA Food&Beverage Started Sales And Delivery To Cambodai(Kampot).
  • October : Achieved More Than 100 Clients Within Cambodia.
  • December : Changed The Company Name To SEATS Inc.
  • February : LOKA Food&Beverage Obtained An Inhouse Import License For Fresh Fish And Meat From The Ministry Of Agriculture,Forestry And Fisheries.
  • May : LOKA Food&Beverage Started Importing Restaurant-Related Products(Other Than Food) By Sea From Thailand.
  • July :  Achieved More Than 150 Clients Within Cambodia.
  • October : LOKA Food&Beverage Started The Import Of Fresh Fish And Vegetables From Japan(Tsukiji) On A Trial Basis,Following The Operation Of Phnom Pech⇔Narita Direct Flights.
  • November : LOKA Food&Beverage Started The Regular Import(Once A Week) Of Fresh Fish And Vegetables By Air From Japan(Tsukiji)
  • December : LOKA Food&Beverage Started The Cooperation With SOHO GROUP, A Local Corporate Group In Cambodia.
  • March : Achieved More Than 200 Clients Within Cambodia.
  • June : Welcomed More Than 10 Interns In Total.
  • July : LOKA Food&Beverage Increased The Numbers Of Regular Imports By Air From Japan(Tsukiji) To Twice A Week.
  • November : S.E.A.T.S Farm Purchased Parts Of Land At Kampot Districts To Secure Our In-House Farm, And Started Agricultural Production Development Business.
  • January : LOKA Food&Beverage Increased The Air Transportation From Narita
  • May : LOKA Foo&Beverage Increased The Air Transportation From Narita To 3 Times A Week. Established And Cambodia’s Very First Scheme That Promises To Deliver Fish Traded At The Market To Restaurants Within 24 Hours.
  • July :  LOKA Food&Beverage  Started The Business Deal And Import Of Fresh Fish From Vietnam.
  • July : Achieved More Than 350 Clients Within Cambodia.
  • March : S.E.A.T.S Farm Started The Harvest Test Of Kampot Pepper.
  • August : LOKA Food&Beverage Started Reefer Transportation From Tokyo, And Strengthened The Security And Safety Of Frozen And Processed Food.
  • October : Increased The Financial Capital To 100,000 USD
  • November : LOKA Food&Beverage Strengthened The Direct Sale System Of Japanese Whiskey.[Ageicultural Production] Our Inhouse Farm Was Recognized As The Producing Site Of Kampot Pepper.
  • March : S.E.A.T.S Farm Integrated Japan Farm Products Co.,Ltd’s Cambodian Domestic Business Service And Started Prooducing, Processing, And Selling Vegetables And Fruits.
  • September : LOKA Food&Beverage Started SNS Marketing Service With The Cooperation Of The JETRO (The Japan External Trade Organization).
    • April : Become A Member Of YEAC ( Young Entrepreneurs Association Of Cambodia ).
    • May : New Set Up The Digital Marketing And Web Creation Departments.
    • June : Joined A Job Fair Which Was A Biannual Event Hold At CJCC.

S.E.A.T.S Inc., Member of the JBAC

Contribute to society by contributing to the development of commerce, industry and the general economy between Japan and the Kingdom of Cambodia.


Creating People, Things, And Ideas From Cambodia To Compete In The World

People Say That “The 19th Century Belongs To Europe, The 20th Century To The US, And The 21st Century To Asia.” Cambodia, One Of The Asian Countries That Went Through Several Historical Hardships, Is Now Experiencing Rapid Development Following Other Asian And Southeast Asian Nations. As With Other Developing Countries, Cambodia Still Lacks In Infrastructure And Education Provisions, Of Which Some May Feel A Huge Gap Relative To Those Of Developed Countries.

However, Because It Is Cambodia, We Create The Business. Not From Countries With Already-Productive Capitals, But From The Country With Big Potentials Of A Leap, We Create People, Ideas, And Services That Can Compete In The World. This Is The Mission We Propose, And By Achieving That, We Believe Can Contribute To Cambodia’s Economic Development.

To Achieve Such A Mission, Each Member In S.E.A.T.S Inc. As A Japanese Trading Corporation Strives To Maximize Productivity In Each Of The Following Three Business Domains:

1) Importing To Cambodia
2) Producing And Distributing Within Cambodia
3) Exporting Outside Cambodia

We place values in always letting Cambodian members be proactive to create business enterprises from the ultimate base. During such a process, we also incorporate Japanese values in the pursuit of the greatest output. We clarify the mission in each business domain, share the S.E.A.T.S Inc.’s action policy to all stakeholders as a common value, and by that, we aim to bring about our responsibilities.

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