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LOKA Triumphs at Gashikoukan-kai in Cambodia, Showcasing Premium Japanese Sake

In a splendid display of cultural exchange, LOKA Food&Beverage. proudly participated in the prestigious Gashikoukan-kai (賀詞交換会) held at the Embassy of Japan in Cambodia on January 20, 2024. The event, known for fostering goodwill and camaraderie, brought together diverse participants from various business industries.


One of the highlights of the evening was LOKA Food&Beverage’s generous sponsorship, contributing premium Japanese Sake to elevate the experience of attendees. The selected sake for the occasion was the exquisite Nabeshima Daiginjyo, a testament to the company’s commitment to offering top-tier products.


The Nabeshima Daiginjyo, exclusively imported from Japan to Cambodia by LOKA Food&Beverage, took centre stage as the company presented this rare and high-quality Japanese sake to the event. The gesture aimed not only to celebrate the occasion but also to showcase the company’s dedication to bringing authentic Japanese cultural experiences to Cambodia.


As participants savoured the distinct taste of Nabeshima, LOKA Food&Beverage. received a cascade of positive feedback. Many attendees expressed their appreciation for the rich flavour and quality of the sake, further solidifying the company’s reputation for delivering excellence.


Beyond the culinary delights, LOKA Food&Beverage. leveraged the event to strengthen its network within the business community. The company successfully engaged with participants from various industries, fostering connections that are poised to contribute to the growth and vitality of its business.


The successful participation in Gashikoukan-kai reflects LOKA Food&Beverage’s commitment not only to its business objectives but also to creating happiness for all stakeholders. As the company continues to bridge cultural gaps through its premium offerings, it sets the stage for more meaningful collaborations and connections in the future.


Embassy of Japan, Cambodia

20/01/2024 8:00 am


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