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Kampot Pepper exhibited at Cambodia Festival in yoyogi 2023

The visit of Cambodia 2023 festival in Tokyo was held as part of Cambodia’s vision strategy to promote to tourism after the Covid-19 crisis featured exhibitions of Cambodian food, beverages and souvenirs. With a total hundreds of booths, Surprisingly, one of the Japanese vendors specialized in Tonteki, display our ‘’Kampot Salted Pepper product at their booth.

This was such an astonishing impression to see an inner kindness by the restaurant we supplied the pepper as part of ingredient for their famous dish ‘’Tonteki” and ‘’Onigiri with Salted pepper on top’’ presented our product.


The introducing of a new culinary experience during the festival by offering Onigiri with Salted Pepper, which quickly impressed many individuals who stopped by to try the unique flavor at our vendor booth. Upon the visit, we witnessed plenty of positive feedback at the booth sale and over-heard the inquiries about online ordering in Japan.

At the visit, our pepper was recognized for its exceptional quality by the audience. Building on the captivating response from the customers and overseas markets, we aspire to enhance the quantity of our Kampot pepper at the new heights throughout Japan.


yoyogi park at tokyo ( Japanese )

03/05/2023 8:00 am


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