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Participated in Job Fair January, 2023

The wait is over! The job fair event has made its way back to the Cambodia-Japan Corporation
Centre on 15 January, 2023, offering us the coveted opportunity we’ve been yearning for. Our
organization is proud to be occupying a space as an exhibitor, all thanks to the unwavering
support of the National Employment Agency, Department of Japanese Literature, CJBI, Study in
Japan for ASEAN, JEIC, and to the return of this event.


With respect to our second experience with job fair gathering at CJCC, there has been a surge of
diversity in terms of the industries and companies in attendance, including those in finance,
technology, healthcare, and beyond. On top of that, information seminar and workshops allow us
to learn greater level about the up-to-date trends and skills.

Through meticulous preparation and effective collaboration this year, we reached new heights in
terms of engaging with attendees during our latest event. As for our future endeavors, we pledge
to return with renewed efforts and confidence.


Cambodia-Japan Cooperation Center ( CJCC )

15/01/2023 8:00 am


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