Company's Mid Year Meeting 2nd half 2022 "Kick Off"

Date & Locations

16th July 2022

The Kampus

Company's Mid Year Meeting 2nd half 2022 "Kick Off"

On 16th July 2022 , S.E.A.T.S Inc hold a half-year meeting which is a big and really important meeting for all members called “Kick Off”. We do it twice a year and it normally takes place in January and July of each year.


We do Kick Off for:

1. Knowing the company’s current place (Where we are) – Externally : Grasp the business environment of each business and company – Internally: Knowing the status and achievement of the other departments

2. Knowing the company’s direction (Where we go) – Externally : Understanding the opportunities and threads of our businesses – Internally: Understanding the target of other departments / teams 3. Company’s major updates, and messages to all members.

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