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First participated in the job fair 2022 at CJCC

Job Fair 2022, an event organized by Cambodian Japanese Corporation Centre (CJCC) on 30th,
July brought together a mix of different companies together to promote opening jobs for
Cambodian youths. As for the arrival of this opportunity, we, S.E.A.T.S INC., are pleased to take
part in this one-day event as for the newest and first experience into field connection with the
prospective candidates.

This event became a platform where a large number of recruiters and potential employers gather
for the purpose of networking, providing information about available positions and other
companies in general. In accordance to this, our organization got a foot to a door of a chance to
meet large numbers of potential applications and quickly weed through them to find the suitable


At this event, we were able to partake in the company introduction presentation session
alongside with other participating companies. Besides equipped with literature and posters that
contained essential information about our company as well as the representative to assist visitors,
we also introduced the college style job fair concept through offering small souvenirs to make
the fair activity look even more fun.

To help attendees better understanding our organization, we featured our famous Kampot pepper
as a way to provide more insight into our organization business. This approach has struck a chord
with numerous individuals who are interested in both our job opening and our products.

Attending this job fair presents us with a wonderful chance to have a casual, initial engagement
with potential candidates as well as assess their skills and experience. We hold this job fair
experience in high regard and are eager to participate again in the future.


Cambodia-Japan Cooperation Center ( CJCC )

30/07/2022 8:00 am


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